Come out and dance with Keith!
Join certified personal trainer, Keith Marshall for “Dance Fitness”—exercise in disguise! It’s a fast paced high-energy dance workout class. This class is choreographed specifically to change with the music. The purpose of the class is to move with the beat and lose yourself in the rhythm. Dancing is a way to relieve stress, jam to your favorite music and put simply, it’s a great way to have fun! On the opposite end of the spectrum, not everyone loves to exercise. When it comes to aerobic activity, most people dread it. What if you could combine exercise and dancing? That would be much more fun. This class offers you the opportunity to lose weight and get into shape all while having fun! Imagine that.

personal training philosophy

As your personal trainer, Keith will . . .

  1.   assess your individual abilities and needs

  2.   help you set realistic goals

  3.   personalize your workouts

  4.   keep your workouts fresh and fun


Watch this video to see just how much fun everybody has in Dance Fitness!

Group Classes

DeWees Community Center

1120 W. Ocean Ave.

Mondays & Wednesdays

6 - 7 pm

Register through Lompoc Parks and Recreation  (click here)

201 W. College Ave.

Tuesdays & Thursdays

12:15 - 1 pm

Contact the YMCA

36 Hitchcock Way


12:30 - 1:20 pm

Contact the YMCA

“I take Keith’s exercise/dance class and it is the best class around. Everybody that takes his class falls in love with it. It's fun and exciting with all the best tunes and of course Keith's great sense of humor and relaxed style make it a perfect mix!”  (student quote)

Personal Training

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