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Keith has been cooking his entire life. He has been a food vendor for the Monterey Jazz Festival, selling fried chicken and soup to over 700 people at the annual event.

Keith would love to start a business in Lompoc. He wants to cook for Lompoc commuters so that they can have their meals ready when they arrive home after a long day. Being a personal chef completes one of his many dreams. He has always had a passion about food and making sure everyone enjoys his meals. He feels there’s nothing better than good tasting food. His slogan says it all, “Cooking extraordinary ordinary meals!”

Keith has just begun a cooking class offered through Lompoc Parks and Recreation. The class is all about learning to be creative with your leftovers.


Cooking extraordinary ordinary meals

  1. Fried Chicken

  2. Soups

  3. Gumbo

  4. Spaghetti

  5. Fish

  6. Meatloaf

  7. Casseroles

  8. Pork Chops

  9. BBQ

—  NEW  —

Don’t throw away those leftovers! Come take a cooking class with the owner of Keith’s Kitchen catering! Participants will learn how to turn the previous night’s meal into a whole new experience. Using leftover meals and common kitchen ingredients you will learn how to cleverly reinvent a new meal. Come hungry to the first meeting as Keith will be providing scrumptious samples!

Friday Evenings

    February 2-26

    March 4-25

    April 1-22

Dick DeWees Community Center

7pm to 9pm

Cost is $50 for residents or $60 for non-residents

Register in person at 125 West Walnut or call 805-875-8100.

Keith’s kitchen

KEITH MARSHALL      805-468-5611